• Aanraden

Norwegian Forest cat


Norwegian forest cat is a natural breed which is adapted to live in a cool climate, his fur is both long and short, as we can notice short hair on the head and long and colourful, which is very impressive all over the rest of the body. His front legs are longer than rear ones – it is made in this way to jump more easily. Norwegian Forest cat seems to be fat but it just his long fur which gives this impression.

This cat attaches to the owner but is very mistrustful what is caused by his nature are these cats were wild animals for a very long time. However if you truly love your cat he will get back to you with the same for sure. He does not require any special diet – meat is enough, with a fish served from time to time.

Greatness of Norwegian forest cat shows in extraordinary look and intelligence. He brings a mouse to house very often as they are extraordinary hunters what was developed by their wild nature. You will get rid of mice and rats so this cat would be a good choice for those living in houses in area where mice live. Norwegian Forest cat is becoming more and more popular.