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What and how should eat a senior dog


The demand for healthy dog food meant that these animals are living longer than ever. According to a study carried out on behalf of Royal Canin dog's life expectancy increased by three years in the last 15 years. The merit is better balanced food in which nutrients are adapted to the age and needs of the dog.

Menu of a senior dog?

In dogs with age metabolism is getting worse and therefore energy demand is also lower. You can not forget that the older dog is not so active and sleeps more what causes lower energy consumption. This lifestyle often leads to weight gain, especially if you do not change diet, which does not reduce calories to 80% of those who should consume an adult dog and. Older dog has no such sense of smell and taste, as in his youth, so you should remain vigilant and keep an eye on the weight of your pupil.

Problems of dogs similar to humans

The kidneys in dogs begin to work worse with age. If we do not bring up the appropriate changes in nutrition, they may even their failure. First of all you need to limit phosphorus in the diet, and take care of it, that were in the omega-3 fatty acids. In older dogs intestines also work a bit different, or more slowly, so the process of digestion is prolonged. For this reason, instead of two meals a day, you have to give the dog three or even four, and preferably buy the proper food for seniors.

The dog later in life requires more amino acids and proteins. Thus, one of the inherent components of the food should be poultry, and fish. Dogs, like people, the elderly begin to suffer from osteoarthritis. It is easy, however, can prevent such ailments when the pet menu will glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. The dog should also get meals at a regular time each day. Canned not be too cold. The best temperature is the ambient temperature, so it's worth a little warm before serving.