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What is Abyssinian cat like?


Abyssinian cats are very attractive and loved by the people. This fact determines a number of factors which, in a nutshell, we can recognize as both appearance and character of the cat. One must everyone know that every cat breed behaves slightly differently. For that matter, in humans, different nationalities have different temperament and their characteristic features. Some like "southerners" are rather impetuous, others like the Scandinavians, rather lukewarm and not very sociable. Cats also have their "tempered".

Abyssinians come in two forms. The first of them is European, American second. Both the one and the other "version" of your pet too is no different apart from a few details. This breed is generally long and protruding ears, with a characteristic "fingerprint thumb Muhammad". Silhouette of the cat is a great slenderness, because they are extremely muscular and benefit would be athletic. The eyes of these kittens always resemble the shape of almonds and are extremely vivid and curious.

Abyssinian cat is a great solution for people who appreciate a cat his sociability. With this cat we will not spend boring evening, or even graciously expect to come home. Females are extremely curious of the world, by this they will still accompany us. Their curiosity causes that sometimes does not waive its owner or on the move, their inexhaustible energy may we add the forces necessary to fight with everyday life. We really many of these animals learn.

Agility and mobility Abyssinian cats, combined with their curiosity, gives us an amazing combination, causing that these cats give to provoke almost every play. Like in particular retrieving small objects, playing small balls and many such like things. With that kitty we will never be bored!