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Beauty of British Shorthair cats


British Shorthair cats impress many people, they're slightly like Persians but with short, soft and thick blue fur. These cats are originally from Great Britain, as legend says they were used by Romans to hunt rats.

It is a breed similar to Persian, they were endangered with extinction after WWII that is why they were cross-breed with blue Persian cats what emphasized their natural features.

The most common colour is blue, but there are 150 different fur colours documented. They are also the largest among all shorthair cats. If somebody is looking for a king, gentle and social cat the British shorthair is the one. Additionally he gets attached to the owner and may not leave him for a second what would not be hard to accept by a real cat lover.

He is definitely carnivorous cat so it is important to deliver him additional vitamins and ingredients which make him develop properly. He should not drink milk, because this breed is allergic to it so the best will be water which need to be available at any times.

Having this cat you should remember to regularly cut his claws and examine the ears, they need to be clean as they are very sensitive and vulnerable to disease. You will want to have this cat if seen but please remember about all consequences. It is very friendly cat which needs your attention. You need to remember of his diet and habits.