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What food for Beagles


Beagle dogs have an excellent sense of smell. They take part in hunting, especially good job in tracking hares. Quadrupeds of this breed are in this incredibly engaging, sociable and friendly. They may thus be of great hunters on the one hand and on the other be devoted family companions. It might happen, but only if the owner will care for the dog. So, what to choose for him karma?

Beagle dogs are distinguished by intelligence and spontaneity. There are also fun, yet alert. But always they want to play, so when I left them alone, very quickly begin to get bored. Due to the fact that these are hunting dogs, are sometimes recalcitrant and do not come back when zwęszą trail. Thus, the dog began to listen, you have to spend a lot of time to learn what makes that not everyone will want to put so much effort. Especially for this race it was created karma adult beagle, adapted to the physical and tastes of these dogs.

Food protecting Beagle joints

These dogs especially love the movement, regardless of whether it will be a walk, or playing with the owner or other dogs or chase after prey. Particular mobility of the races causes the tetrapods are severely prone to problems related to the load of the joints. By choosing the feed Adult Beagle can adequately protect the joints dog, mainly due to the presence of chondroitin sulfate, which eliminates the friction between the moving parts of the joint cartilage watering. The karma is also glucosamine, which helps to rebuild cartilage cells. The presence of fatty acids EPA and DHA also protects the joints.

Food preventing from obesity in Beagles

These dogs, due to their activity have high-energy requirements. However, these are dogs that have a very good appetite, so you must be careful to not overfeed them. Choosing the adult beagle karma we can be sure that your dog has a balanced diet, rich in L-carnitine, by which fat is not deposited, but instead is effectively used. This dog will never be overweight. It is also here high levels of protein, so no need to worry about the dog's muscles, because muscle mass will remain at the same level. The presence of fibre gives you a sense of satiety, so the dog will not demand an extra portion of food between meals.

Food ensuring healthy skin and shiny hair in Beagles

The coat of this breed is short and compact. It does not require any special treatments. Just really just wipe it with a special rubber glove to clean dust and dead hair and undercoat. It is also the occasional trim. The appearance of the coat is highly influenced by a good diet. For this reason, the fatty acids EPA-DHA and borage oil may be noticed in Beagle Adult food – they strengthen the skin barrier, irritation decreases, and the coat is very good. The presence of vitamin A also affects the regeneration of skin tissue, as well as regulating sebum produced, which prevents dandruff.