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Norwegian Forest cat – a wild beauty


Why so much like we norwegian forest cats? It seems that just captivate us with her amazing looks. This cat is a combination of beauty with the original ferocity and strength of character. I must admit that this pet is not just anyone. Norwegian Olaf king himself, honored this animal by way of Norway's national cat, recognizing it for the animal ultimately of major importance for the country.

Norwegian Forest cat, as it is born hunters, has a fairly big footprint. In addition, we must remember that its size adds to its fur. This cat is dressed in a long and sumptuous fur, which gives the cat an expression of wildness. In combination with eyes compatible with coat color, it gives us a really electrifying effect and shocking. Adult males reach a weight in the range of six to nine kilograms even, females are slightly lighter, but may also be about six kilograms. It is a heavyweight among the feline community.

As for the colour of an animal that is present in almost all possible shades and ointments. There are not really any rules. You meet really magnificent and unique species, making this race even more interesting. These cats usually have a ruff around the neck and so-called "trousers" on the hind legs. Additionally, it has the characteristic "tufki" that we can not meet with anyone else as in wild lynx.

Norwegian forest cat is an animal extremely intelligent, allowing him in the hunt. We must also admit to the animal that incredibly attached to the owner and his home. The result is that both reconciles us with the cat as he is with us. This creates a very interesting relationship between animal and us. Cat are very active, they like all kinds of fun, but mostly for the young. Let us remember that this can not be a cat rather to coerce. The long years spent in a wild field had taught him wariness of strangers, this feature would help him survive.