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What to do to stop the cat from marking the territory in the apartment?


Cats mark their territory and it is their natural instinct. If he does it to often it means it is not a sign of being connected to territory rather than a physical or behavioural disorder. How we may prevent it?

Cats are getting attached to territory of their living and due to that they want to leave their scent or scratch the items placed there.

Sexual and territorial meaning of marking

often cats mark their territory with urine, rubbing the furniture or men. Hormone secretion is placed on different items. Animal ensures itself with protection together with sharing its zone with others. In this way cat tell us that he feel safe in the place.

What if cat marks territory after castration

Not sterilized cats usually mark territory with urine. Spraying can be distinguished from an ordinary peeing as the animal points urine straight down to surface. To make them stop doing this a sterilization is required, the best before they reach sexual maturity. Territory marking may however get back, it happens always as the animal is stressed, anxious or competes with another animal in the apartment.

An intensive territory marking of a castrated cats is more than just a disruptive habit. It this way cat tell you that he feels threaten in this territory or that he has some serious behavioural or health issues. You can not guess is such a situation but take the cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Scratching the furniture can be transferred to other objects

Cats scratch objects or even walls. It is not normal – it their nature. However you may teach cats to scratch objects which we allow them to. If a cat spends the most of the time inside it is important that he knows from the very beginning that we do not approve scratching furniture or other objects. In such cases it is enough to say firmly “NO”, click the fingers, clap the hands to make cat understand it and stop doing this.

However a act needs to scratch something so it is worth to provide him with a special scratching post to make him pleased.