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Food for dogs with renal failure


Renal failure is a very serious ailment that can occur not only to people but also to dogs. Effective treatment of something like this depends mainly on proper diet, which needs to be taken care with the highest possible attention. Excellent option in this case may be a special diet Royal Canin Renal Canine, which helps in the treatment of renal failure; in its composition is a lot of products supporting the proper operation of this organ and beneficially affecting the entire digestive system.

This is a veterinary diet which you will be recommended by any good veterinarian after such a disease is diagnosed. In adult dogs it can also be used prophylactically, because it protects kidneys effectively and prevents the formation of kidney stones. However, if someone wants to use it, he should consult with the veterinarian who firstly has to perform a number of relevant test to determine if this food is good for the dog.

Food has also reduced amount of phosphorus what efficiently provides from hyperthyroidism.

The composition also has a specially selected polyphenols responsible for normal filtration in the kidneys and inhibiting the oxidation. Another important component is also the omega-3 acids that are primarily anti-inflammatory and effectively soothe irritation resulting from such ailments. It is very important, because most basic effects of such diseases are a significant increase urea in the dog's body, which leads to irritation of the internal organs and causes considerable pain; use of Royal Canin Renal Canine greatly reduces all such unpleasant things.

Royal Canin Renal Canine is a great addition to pharmacological therapy, because all of its components can effectively enhance the effects of previously prescribed medications and accelerate their results. Just use it regularly to be sure that kidney function will run really well for your dog. The composition of Royal Canin Canine Renal is very rich; primarily it's rice, flour, potato and many plant products and vegetables - of course, there is also meat in form of poultry liver. Protein gives 16% of the nutritional value; it can also be a rich source of Vitamin E, D3, and C, which sensational effect on the work of the body. In addition to its health properties food is therefore a complete meal that will provide our dog both with nutrients and energy needed to function properly.