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Feline behaviour or a human mistake


Cats can behave very strangely, they do their needs not in a litter box but in any place. Sometimes, instead of a fawn, they start attacking or be afraid of anything. It is difficult to understand this, but generally this situation stems from the lack of knowledge of all walks of life in adolescence. Owners and breeders are also not blameless here.

It might seem that only cats that have been neglected in adolescence behave in this way. However, such behaviour often happens among cats from renowned breeding. In such a place the animal has provided good nutrition, but is cut off from exploring the world and to participate in such situations, like meeting a stranger, driving a car, travel, or staying for longer periods away from home.

Nowadays we speak more and more about how important for the animal is familiarity with the outside world, as the simplest situation to human was not a huge stress for your cat. It is worth to teach a cat from the beginning to get to know other animals, both cats and dogs. Particularly first weeks of life are important, when it comes to rapid formation of nerve connections. The more stimulators from the external environment the connections are more intense. Thus, if in this period, the animal will not be able to take full advantage of this property, in later life it will not able to cope with the new situation, as it has not developed appropriate mechanisms. Cat can have the serious adapting problems and most likely he will not be succeeded.

However, this situation is also a bit of erroneous perception of the cat as the typical household pet which does not need to unite with the public like the dog. It is widely accepted that the cat enter in their paths. Everything is fine, until the owner does not want to, for example, move out. Today we speak a lot about mobility. For a man, it is an expression of freedom, but for a pet is a real nightmare. Such situations may be more, and the more they will increase, you pet will feel greater stress. How does look the cat which is nervous? It starts to urine the flat, sometimes is fearful, apathetic, withdrawn or even aggressive.