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How to choose a dry dog food


Dry diet should contain the essential nutrients from reliable sources that are of high quality (eq. Brit) . First of all, it should be in the proteins, fats and dietary fibre. It also can not miss such minerals as calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins. When dry food is properly balanced, it has the appropriate nutritional properties and thus is healthy for your dog, giving him a good feeling. So before you choose the food for the pet, those are the factors that you need to bear in mind.

Dry food based on weight, breed and size of a dog

Different food you choose for a dachshund or a cocker spaniel, and yet another for the German Shepherd. Such factors as the size of the dog, its structure, physiology, the process of digestion, growth, immunity, or behaviour, play an important role in the selection of food. Dogs small size more quickly reach the final size. They are also more active than the race medium and large dogs. Small dogs should therefore receive food that will provide many of the ingredients associated with energy. So food raises the level of fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. When karma will be more fat, the food is both more palatable to please the owners.

You have to remember that with higher growth, reduced demand for energy components. Therefore, for large breed dogs, select karma less energy. The meals in this manner are reduced, and the food, such as kibbles is higher. As a result, large dogs chew food slowly and digest it better. They do not cause digestive disorders.

Age of a dog and proper food

With age the nutritional needs of dogs change. Dry food, which is recommended to dogs will probably not best suited for adult dogs or older. The puppies need food that will contain less starch, which is worse digest. For seniors, the best is the food easily digestible, containing less calories, as well as smaller amounts of phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. It should also be enriched with antioxidants that allow longer enjoy well-being.

Lifestyle as an important factor in selection of a proper food

Robust and active dog will need another food than this, which is usually asleep. It is worth noting the life of the pet before choosing a food for him. For those dogs that assist people with disabilities who are hunters or guardians, rescuers, or even athletes, you will need energy-rich food. The greater the effort, the more free radical is formed. These in turn cause oxidative stress contributes to disturbances in the functioning of the body. Such dogs must therefore receive food rich in antioxidants, which inhibit the development of free radicals. It is important also a proportion of calcium and phosphorus, as well as the presence of chondroitin and glucosamine are responsible for the correct state of the joints.

Health condition and needs of a dog influence selection of food

Properly formulated dry food can better endure various health ailments and also helps pass the by therapy. Some dogs have specific needs when it comes to nutrients, and it can include lactating bitches, dogs sterilized, as well as those that are sensitive food system, or skin. Each of them will eat other dry food. The feed should also be selected respectively of the disease. In addition, it is worth in this case speak with your veterinarian.