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The best food for Jack Russell Terriers


Dogs of breed Jack Russell terrier are lively, agile and strong. No wonder that in the UK they were used for hunting, during which drove the animals out of hiding. These tetrapods are also excellent companions.

Active and energetic Jack Russell terrier

These dogs are extremely active, even in need of a certain stimulation. These animals require a good education and orientation, as well as an appropriate diet. In view of this breed was created nourishment Jack Russell Terrier Junior and Jack Russell Terrier adult, so that the dogs enjoyed good health and well-being throughout life.

How to maintain muscle mass and vitality?

These dogs live on average up to 14 years old, but you need to bear in mind is that, over time, muscle mass begins to decrease. However, giving the karma Jack Russell Terrier adult, which is 30% digestible protein and L-carnitine, fail to maintain the proper level of muscle mass. In addition, we prevent obesity, giving the dog a diet rich in all the essential nutrients. There appears to also interact with each other antioxidants as vitamin E, C, and polyphenols. Their role is to protect cells against free radicals, and thus ageing progresses more slowly. In addition, antioxidants contribute to the fact that the body of the dog is better protected and promotes prevention, and treatment associated with heart diseases, vascular, nervous, or certain cancers.

How to protect the teeth?

Small breed dogs often have sensitive teeth and gums, and breed Jack Russell terrier is no exception in this respect. These problems largely the result of the accumulation of plaque which eventually turns into tartar. Food manufacturers Russell Terrier Adult consideration to this problem and that is why food has been enriched sodium polyphosphate, responsible for the binding of calcium in saliva. This process slows down scaling. When crushed dry kibble also comes to cleaning the enamel. Food was also fit in the jaws of the breed.

Methods for a healthy skin and shiny hair

Food contains also EPA-DHA fatty acids and borage oil which strengthen protective barrier of skin, soothe irritations and make hair looks great.