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Dry diet for healthy teeth


Periodontal diseases touch about 60% - 80% of the dogs. They arriving in age of about 2-3 years old and are connected to the build-up of plaque, which causes tartar. To prevent this, the dog should eat the right foods to prevent the build up of plaque.

Better to prevent

Symptoms of disease involving teeth and gums do not belong to the nicest. They are painful and tease the animal in food. To prevent them every owner should brush your dog teeth, give toys forcing the animal to chew, control of the oral cavity and give the dog a dental appropriate food.

Influence of diet on formation of oral diseases

Proper diet is key in the prevention of the emergence of diseases of the oral cavity. Research shows that dogs consuming foods home, not having in their dry food menus are much more prone to diseases of the oral cavity. Dry food for contributing to the abrasion of plaque, which is formed stone teeth and causing destructive inflammation of the mouth. Therefore, dogs should be constant, daily access to food in the form of kibbles.

Composition is important

To strengthen the dog's teeth, you should give him food rich in calcium, zinc, which strengthens bones and teeth, as well as ingredients that prevent periodontitis, and clean odour from the mouth pet.

Kibbles for large and small dogs

Food manufacturers offer dry food for both small and large dogs. They differ from each other in size. Mini Dental Trovet is a special, dry food designed for dogs of small breeds. The special structure of protein digestion reduces tartar and thoroughly cleans teeth. Feed is zinc, low levels of calcium, as well as the active ingredients, ie. Xylitol, eucalyptus oil, lysozyme, lactoferrin, or lactoperoxidase, which reduce the odour, and green tea and vitamin E act as antioxidants.

Also Royal Canin Dental Special ensures proper oral hygiene for a dog. It is intended for dogs less than 10 kg body weight and the dogs larger than 10 kg, with a tendency to the occurrence of tartar and inhibiting the unpleasant breath.

Croquettes mechanically clean the teeth and the enhanced not only allows you to prevent and stone, but also to ensure the proper functioning of the body.

Kibbles for large and small dogs

Hill's also offers a crunchy for small and large dogs. Prescription Diet Canine t/d dry food is specially developed for cleaning teeth while eating. It has antioxidants, which inhibit the development of the disease, and other components to ensure a balanced diet so that the dog does not have to have a separate feed tooth cleaning and daily consumption.

To our dog is not exposed to oral disease in their daily diet should give him crisps for cleaning teeth. They have specifically chosen not only consistency, but also the composition, which prevents the development of disease.

When selecting a dental food is worth paying attention to what size crisps is most suitable for our dog.