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Cat scratchers


The cat is the type of animal in which it is impossible to cheat the nature. Nature, instinct is it so firmly rooted that even the most careful upbringing, or attempt dressage, nothing here will not change. Education cat should only be designed to ensure natural behaviour to adapt to the expectations of the cat, or rather the possibility tolerant man. It is rather a form of adaptation of feline behaviour than education or training actually. The cat, like a cat. He has your life, your ideas and your path and nobody him the path is not able to completely change. It can only possibly gently shape it.

And so, one of the elements of nature cat is scratching a variety of subjects. The cat in the wild can scratch the bark, you can scratch tree stumps and many other objects and nobody him any attention not return. The cat reared in the home, there is no way such freedom, no owner would not agree to it that his cat scratched him furniture, walls or curtains. Rather it will be fought and obstructed the cat this type of action. It's useless. The cat's nature is so strong that sooner or later will come out and just shows up and the cat starts to scratch something, no matter how much we oppose.

So is there a way for it to this element adapted to human nature and why cats are so fond of these scratching?

Scratching cat importance is largely hygienic or even health. Scratching cat rubs his claws, which is very important for him hygienically. In addition, it can in this way to stretch, exercise their muscles and takes care of his form. That is why it is so very important. So how do we adjust it to do so, they will accept a human being?


Well, you can ensure proper cat scratching post. Scratching, this special constructions prepared for cats. They consist mostly of pillar rigid pillar covered with a special string, which is ideally suited just to scratch. Scratching posts are usually several levels. These levels can be lined with soft plush, suitable for ageing and relaxation, and can also be coated with a material to scratching. Of course, there are also more elaborate scratching posts, which have a special booth in which cat can hide or obstacles that he can overcome or hanging toys, which may be hunted. The more complicated and extensive scratching post, the more it will be like a cat, and the more time will be spent on him instead of on the furniture in the apartment. Cats because like such obstacle courses where you need to jump once, and another time to go on very thin section. Such tasks causes a cat a lot of joy, allow him to relieve and thus soothe and relax your pet. Scratching is a pleasure for the cat and the owner peace of mind and assurance that the pet does not destroy the furniture. The material of which they are made scratching is in fact so specific that pulls all cats from other surfaces, is the most appealing and thus do not put on other objects.