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Cat from the jungle meaning Bengal cat


Bengals are really relatively young breed. Some cats have their roots in ancient times, the other in the Dark Ages. Bengals appeared only in the sixties of the twentieth century. All this is thanks to the American biologist Jean Mill. It reached the conclusion that if the cats crossed racially with one another (we are talking about breeds of domesticated), why not a domestic cat crossed with a wild cat? Thanks to this innovative idea arose Bengal cats. They are domesticated cats, but looks like the wild

These animals are proud to present both to all kinds of exhibitions as well as in our living rooms, bedrooms and backyards. It should have such an animal because it contains in itself passion and character. If you invite a guest to the house and show him your pet, the effect is a surefire! Bengals look almost the same as their wild brethren. We must admit that the creation of this race took nearly two decades. The first results of work on them, remarkably, managed to get only in the eighties of the twentieth century.

Bengals come from the Abyssinian cats, crossed with wild cats Bengali. I must admit that until the fourth or even fifth generation, these cats have lost on their mistrust and aggressiveness. Earlier this cat completely unsuited for the inexperienced breeders, let alone for children or elderly people.

Bengal cat, therefore, there is some incredible history, but his predecessors were really great. We must also admit that the cross is extremely successful and many people are fascinated by these animals, because they are extremely interesting both in terms of appearance and character. Today, Bengal cats are extremely popular and many people in Poland enjoys the possession of this animal.