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Scratching post – an adequate item for scratching.


Scratching is an activity completely natural in cats. However, most cats have their own preferences and often scratch furniture that are best placed according to their way of being. Can - in such a situation - learning to use the scraper be difficult?

Where the scratching is allowed?

You have to remember to teach your cat to scratch only in the appropriate place. In addition, the earlier you take these attempts, the better the effect will be. Limitation of space will be a support for us during the teaching of appropriate behaviour. It is worth to start not from the exercises with scratching post, but with a reduction of the territory of the cat. It is the best to choose such a zone in which the animal could not be distracted by any other items that may be useful for scratching. Thus, the less furniture, or other objects, the better. In this way, the cat will not squander attention to other objects.

Scratching zone is set, what next?

Once you choose a suitable place, in the next step you should think of providing the cat with a chance to choose what he wants to scratch. For this reason, consider setting up a scratching post in the vicinity of chairs or sofas. An important role in learning play commends and and rewards, so when the cat starts to scratch the correct object, you must show him your approval. A valerian may be helpful, it is worth to put a few drops of catnip into scratching post and also teach your cat to scratch in the play zone, treating this step as a form of fun. Perhaps catnip will not force a cat to scratch, but will achieve your goal, because you can be sure that the pet will start to rub his nose on it. If cat leaves his scent on a scratching post, then it is guaranteed that he will come back to this object.

Despite the scratching post, will the cat scratch other furniture?

You can try to unlearn a cat of scratching those items that you would not want to scratch. One of the most effective methods is to wrap furniture with aluminium foil. You can also spray the repellent or attach a lemon peel to the surface of furniture. Also an adhesive tape works fine, which should be taped in such a way that the side of the adhesive remains on the outside. You cannot forget that your cant will not change the behaviour within one day and that it takes time. So patience is important and also a calm, that the animal did not feel stressed by our nervous behaviour. In such a situation the most likely you only discouraged the cat to make further attempts on scratching post.