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Diet for large and giant breed dogs


Dogs can be divided because of their size. So they are miniature dogs or small, medium and large and giant. Animals in each of the different groups have different nutritional needs, you should know that they are healthy for a long time.

Large dogs – large needs

Dogs large breed are more prone to certain diseases, as compared to dogs smaller breeds.

In particular, they are exposed to diseases bone system. Big dogs grow longer than smaller animals. They can grow up to 24 months. In addition, during the growth of the dogs a gain weight as compared to the initial weight. All these factors and high physical activity unduly burdening the joints. Feed of the animals from the beginning should contain calcium, phosphorus, and chondroitin and glucosamine, which enhance cartilage joints.

Dogs large and giant are also sensitive digestive tract due to its low weight compared to the total body weight. Giving food to be careful that it does not reload. This will help us feed a high energy-containing beet pulp, or flaxseed, which support the digestive system.

A common problem these breeds is also overweight. These dogs need a higher dose of calories, but diet should be primarily tailored to their lifestyle. Being overweight is very dangerous for dogs large and giant, as it puts additional strain on the joints, as well as the circulatory system. Therefore food should contain L-carnitine, which helps burn fat and maintain a healthy weight.

Proper selection of food

Among forages for dogs of large and giant breeds, we can find those made especially for dogs with a tendency to be overweight, after sterilization, for animals active with greater demand for calories or special, for a particular breed.

Refreshments dogs with a tendency to be overweight should have a lower calorific value. That karma is Arion Adult Light. It is a food designed for adult dogs prone to obesity. Karma is optimally balanced in terms of nutrients, micro and macro. It includes, among others, Vitamins A, D 3, E, K 3; C and the B vitamins, as well as cobalt, copper, selenium, iron, zinc, manganese, iodine, biotin and folic acid. Maintains proper matzo body, thanks to the L-carnitine and vitamin A, which support the metabolism of fat.

On the other hand Arion Performance Adult dog food for adult dogs, but also very active and hard working with large nutritional needs. This diet is characterized by a 30% content of crude protein and 20% of crude fat. It has balanced levels of vitamins and minerals tailored to the needs of active animals. Carbohydrates and proteins that are easily digestible have, so you will not be charged to the digestive system.

First of all - prevention

Diet dogs of large and giant breed should contain such ingredients in order to prevent diseases of the skeletal system, overweight or obesity, and gastrointestinal disorders. Some dogs of great race are also predisposed to a variety of genetic diseases, which should also be taken into account by choosing the appropriate food.