• Aanraden

An extraordinary Tonkinese cat


Tonkinese cat is a special combination of a Siamese and Burmese cats, this breed is rather young, firstly crossbreeded in United States but until today they are not treated as a separate breed. Those cats are kind and friendly but is wo0rth to remember that they may be aggressive when upset.

Tonkinese cat may have various colours, but the body shape is rather original and it easy to recognize it. These cats like to play, petting and are very intelligent. It is worth to have this cat if you have children but pay attention to not stress this cat as he may become aggressive. Those cats are not loyal to one owner, just positive to all family members what make them very friendly and with positive attitude to all the people.

Hair is short and does not require a lot of work to brush it or to clean fro the apartment and furniture. These cats do not require special diet, it only should be diverse in order to deliver different vitamins and micro and macro elements necessary for proper functioning. Special for this breed is mainly an exotic appearance which makes them looking like sphinx.