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How to buy a scratching post?


The first question should rather be: is there a need to buy a scratching post for a cat? Of course, no one will force us to to such a purchase. However, given the fact that scratching belongs to the activities inherent for cats, you may want to invest in a special cat scratching posts, thus preventing the destruction of furniture and other objects in your house. Scratching post certainly will be useful. How, then to select the appropriate scratching post? What should you follow when buying?

Cat scratching post should be primarily stable. It can not move too much, because it will very quickly discourage the cat, which in time will stop playing with it. Scratching post should have a correspondingly large and comfortable den, one that will give the cat complete freedom to lie down and stretching.

Pet shops offer fairly wide range of special scratching posts for cats. You can buy plain simple slats that are mounted to the wall, as well as various posts, or complex structures that reach even the ceiling. Each of them can fulfil their task, however, should be properly selected, as well as properly placed in house or in an apartment.

Prices are different and depend mainly on their size and quality. You can also purchase a special multi-scratching posts, which are very expanded, but the price is very high. In online pet shops such ordinary scratchers vary usually from 10pounds to to over 100 pounds. The more expensive ones have large den, numerous tunnels and have a very stable and robust construction.