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Cat scratching post


Scratching is a natural instinct of each cat. With scratching cats remove old plate from their claws. Every owner of a cat, especially the beginner, is well aware of how much the constant need to scratch can be cumbersome. If we want this operation was less cumbersome, together with preventing the destruction of furniture, we can invest in a special item that the cat will be able to scratch freely. Scratching posts for cats are the ideal solution in this case. The most suitable are those wrapped in sisal. If you invest in larger post, you provide additional den for your cat that will enable him to rest easily.

When selecting the appropriate scratching posts for the cat, you need to remember a few, very important principles. The first crucial aspect is the length of the scratching post. It should not be less than 60 centimeters. It is recommended it even have 70 centimeters. The second important factor is the size of the lair. It should therefore be large enough to ensure a free arrangement and freely stretching of a cat. The construction should be very stable and rigid. Scratching post that sways and moves is to discourage cats, which over time cease to be interested in it. Mindful of just such extremely important aspects, it is worth to buy special scratching posts for cats, which are the perfect toy for them, and a great convenience for the owners.