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Does a cat require a lot of space?


Cats like to have their space, which will primarily be well organized. The more different shelves, hidings and countertops, the better for a cat. The cat is, however, one of those animals that are able to adjust to the conditions in which they are going to live.

Arranging a cat's space

Cats are able to carefully design their space. Each zone is for something else. So they have a place for resting and lounging, for fun, or to use the litter box.

Cats need to feel safe, that is why the rest area has great importance to them. It is also often an area where they like to stay in their own company. For this reason it is called an isolation zone. It is located mostly in a place that for most is unattainable.

When arranging the perfect space for your cat, you should consider his tastes. The case is somewhat complicated when there is not one, but two cats for example. Already one cat needs to feel free and therefore you shouldn't establish the eating area next of sanitary zone. With the two cats, you need more deliberately deploy each zone, bearing in mind that cats have strongly developed territoriality. If you fail to abide by the rules relating to the proper distance, various clashes may occur. In such a situation you may notice as cats express their opposition to such a close proximity to another animal. Such events may occur that one of the pets will not use the litter box, and will do his needs next to it.

Theoretically, only cats feel well together, but in practice each one needs a separate space because each is different. Not always cats play together, or at the same time.

The most important for cat is fun zone. It takes most of the space and should be comfortable for your pet. Mandatory should be toys or accessories typical for the cat, as well as shelves, because cats love to climb, jump on and jump off. Often cats prefer to sleep on higher places or watch the surroundings from the above.

A scratching post cannot be missed, so at least one should be placed in this zone. The choice of a scratching post should not be difficult as with an everyday observations you can easily say what item a cat like to scratch the most. When selecting toys, there should always be a balls as well as items on a string, for example rods. In addition, cats like something to nudge with a paw, crawling into the tunnel, or other hidings.

All these areas are important for a cat – he walks between them, creating a specific corridors. These are places exclusively for the cat, so do not interfere with them, because it will stress your cat up. You must remember that you should not reorganize this place significantly and not block passing from one zone to another. Cat should have a possibility to freely reach any zone. Cats feel safe if able to easily go to a fun zone, rest zone or feeding zone.

If we consider the cat needs in arranging the house, we can be sure that the cat will feel in such an interior very comfortable. In addition, even small available space you can arrange so that the cat in each of the zones found what he will need to be completely happy.