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Chausie, a cat with grace


Chausie is not the most popular cat breeds, but you will notice a lot of interest. This is a hybrid domestic cat from the wild. It is distinguished by spontaneity and extraordinary grace and are undoubtedly qualities which he inherited from their wild ancestors.


Chausie resembles a puma, because cats of this race are slim, strong and agile, and elegant in manner. It is one of the major domestic breeds, and the weight is in the range 7-11 kg. The female is smaller than male. The coat, which is compact and short, it may be either brown or black, or silver. The ears are large and finished with brushes. These cats are highly placed cheekbones and oval eyes. Have a fairly short tail and long, muscular legs, the rear are longer.

They are active cats, social and bold at the same time. They do not like to part with their owners. They love to be in motion, so often run, jump, or play in the hunt. However, should limit their play area and activity, because they can be selected on long trips. These cats also distinguished by intelligence, so easy to learn new things.

Previous and now

These cats are a cross breed of home with Felis Chaus, race, mud wild cat inhabits areas of India, Nepal, Ceylon, Turkey, as well as lower Egypt. You can even notice this breed Egyptian paintings. He took part in hunting for birds.

However, the first hybrid, or race chausie appear in the 60s of the twentieth century. In our country, the first chausie appeared only in 2008 and so far there is only one breeding of this breed in Poland.

How to care for it?

These cats feel at home in a large space, so the ideal conditions for it provides the house with a garden. The garden should be in addition to the shelf to jump. These cats do not tolerate solitude, and quickly make friends with other animals. They are not very demanding in terms of care, so it is sufficient to brush once a week.

What do they eat?

These cats are quite demanding, so it's best if they are owned by people who have experience in caring for the animals. Best to provide them gluten-free diet by buying food of the highest quality.