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Turkish Van, a swimming chatterer


Cats breed Turkish Van distinguished by the fact that not only are good swimmers, but also very good feel in the water, where they like to play. Often they are referred to as "talking" because of its unique and rich language.


Dogs of this breed lived in herds Eastern Turkey, especially near Lake Van. It is the presence of the lake in their natural habitat forced them to training capability that could get food, and therefore, swimming, diving and fishing.


The cat of this breed has an average size and its weight should be within 8 kilograms. It is the cat well built and strong, with a long body and tail of medium length. Turkish Vans have a long semi-long hair, which dries very quickly. The characteristic feature is thickened fold of skin between the toes. It has the same property as fin.

However, what most distinguishes them is snow-white fur color and distinctive two spots on the head and tail of the same color as the dots. Specks might have different shades, usually meets cats with red spots, but might well be tortie, cream, blue, and even black. Eyes also are interesting in this breed, because they can be two-color or one eye may be, for example, the blue and the other amber.

What's he like?

These cats are extremely social, who like to have fun. Their feature is also intelligence and sustainability, as well as rich language.

It's likely that these cats for centuries lived close to the people and for this reason are the extrusive. It may also happen that so much zżyje with one of the household, it will go everywhere with him.

These cats are also curious and alive. Often, so you can see how they run, climb, or observe. You can also himself to teach them different tricks. This is ideal for the family cat, because he feels very well in the company of children.

How does he communicate?

Language of a Turkish Van is quite different than in other races. You get the feeling that you really trying to tell us something, instead of just purr or meow. In addition, also knows how to modulate his speech in the same way as it makes a man.

Is he demanding?

These cats love to play every day. They can not be left alone but for several hours every day. Very well they feel at home with a garden, but suffice it to him good atmosphere and when the owner forgets about it.

As for the care, just comb the hair once or twice a week. Alternatively, from time to time bathe the cat, so no problem.

What does he eat?

Generally, these cats are not especially demanding, also in terms of nutrition. If you sterilize them, then to protect them from being overweight, we can choose food Royal Canin Sterilised 37 or Sterilised Appetite Control if you have a particularly good appetite. When a cat is not sterilized, then we can choose either food for cats that go outdoors - Royal Canin Outdoor, or food for typical domatorów, ie for example. Royal Canin Indoor. These cats are rather łasuchami, so you need to watch their weight.