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What do Maltanese cats like?


Maltese cats also called the Russian cats are very fond of when devotes its attention to them because when they are left on their own much it survive, because like when there is interest in them. Choose one man to whom most to attach, mostly because just like interest on the part of the selected person. It is a loyal cat, so it is nice to say something else, of course, as any cat sometimes likes to walk their own paths.

The Maltese breed of cat requires regular, but of course not too frequent combing hair brush rubber, they are short, also does not have much of a problem with it, as well as the need to perform complicated procedures. To keep your cat Maltese in good shape his diet should be balanced, then also his beautiful coat and interesting greyish blue colour will look properly.

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Maltese cats like fun, companionship, but above all members of the household, they do not like too large tours of the home, many visitors who are interested in him, he is then the most nervous, interestingly likes to help with domestic orders, of course, only he seems to be that it helps, but It is a very charming.

It is perhaps strange but these cats like when they are taught tricks, retrieve, and communicate with other members of the household. These are cats that can not keep to themselves, someone has interest in them and oversee such a kitten. If the cat will have offspring it can not be too quickly answered, because this race is very sensitive to small and young mothers deal with for a very long period such kittens, thanks to the small cats are very well adapted to life. If you like cats it is the original breed of cat Russian is made just for you.